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The Beauty of The Breath

“Just take a deep breath”, is something we say quite often, especially when feelings of anger, worry or stress are rising. Maybe you have experienced the effects of deep breathing yourself. Maybe you have suggested it to someone who feels overwhelmed. For all the knowledge and technology that humanity has today, a proven method to relax ourselves lies in this breath that we freely breathe. Regular deep breathing is a scientifically validated technique to help […]

A Movie’s Impact on Mental Wellness

  Have you watched this movie? If you haven’t watched it yet and you love animals, I highly recommend it. It is a documentary about a man who was dealing with personal issues including burnout and exhaustion. He decided to do a daily free dive without scuba gear every day for a year off the coast of South Africa. While doing so, he encounters an octopus and surprisingly develops a special friendship with her. The […]

Inspiring Movies

Therapy is amazing and life-changing. Being educated about emotional and mental well-being is without a doubt very beneficial to preventing crisis. However, sometimes we just want to crash on our sofa and dive into reading a good book or binge-watch Netflix. Being able to mix both these things is not only possible, but has proven to be beneficial. Several therapists were asked about movies they recommended or would recommend to their patients. You would be surprised to know that […]

My Volunteering Journey

I am Manjot Singh Soos, a volunteer at Certified Listeners Society. I have been with this organisation from January 2022, so my journey is of short duration of five months. Being of a social service background, I was actively looking for volunteer opportunities, and one day I searched for emotional support on google and it was the first search result which I clicked on. I used their services and was impressed by it and wanted to contribute and that is when my journey with this organisation started. I started the process and it was especially smooth, the training provided was relevant and extremely useful when I would be performing my duties as a certified listener. After the training was complete and the documentation was complete, I received my certificate of completion of the CLS training.
Thus began my journey as a certified listener. My first shift was the most memorable one for me, the first caller I connected with was from a country I never heard of before. The chat initially was like a regular emotional support call, and it was going to be over, when the supervisor knowing that it was my first shift gave me a tip on how to go over the chat and see if I am missing anything, and he highlighted a certain point which was discussed before and after exploring that, the conversation went to an entirely different domain. The caller shared her story and it was heart-wrenching. The only thing which I could do was listen to her and validate her feelings. Simply being there to listen and validate their emotions, be it pain or happiness, can truly make a difference in someone’s life.
Certified Listeners Society is a volunteer organisation and provides services to people who might not have no one to talk to, who might be in a country or a society when discussing certain issues is a taboo, who need emotional support but do not have the resources to access those services. Each and everyone of us are a critical part of this community who make it possible. I am grateful to this organisation for providing me with this opportunity to help people, and in the process meet such wonderful people who support each other, and take care of each other.

Intentional Self-Love

Everyone talks about self-love but what has to be done first to make it intentional? At first, we need to realize importance of it; we are taught how to love everyone else but not ourselves. But need to remember that our foundation of all – is relationship to ourselves first through understanding, acceptance, and protection of our foundation. Once we master that – we can become a warrior of our life – be strong and […]