Privacy Policy


This policy sets out our policies with respect to privacy and Personally-Identifying-Information (PII). We are a Not-for-Profit Canadian federal corporation and follow all Canadian privacy laws.

Your Privacy is Important

We provide an online community for you to connect with local professionals, family, friends, and helpful users. Although we take care to ensure the privacy of your information you should be careful about disclosing personal information in the public forums that we provide. The best way to protect your privacy is to not disclose intimate personal details on the internet and that rules apply even to help communities like CertifiedListeners.Org

Information We Collect

You do not need to provide us with PII in order to use the basic services available at CertifiedListeners.Org If you choose to register with us or request services from us then we will collect information from you. We collect information that is necessary in order to provide services to you or to fulfill orders that you place (e.g. credit card payment).

When do We Collect Information?

We collect information about you when you register, log in, use our chat features, or interact with our websites/services. We make use of industry-standard third-party analytics services (e.g. Google Analytics) in order to provide us with better insight into the kind of content our users find valuable and to improve our user experience.

We collect PII only when necessary to provide you with services or to improve the quality of our service.

How We Use Your Information

We will not sell your PII to data brokers, advertisers, or to anyone else, except as part of a sale of all or substantially all of our business (e.g. we are acquired by another company that we respect and approve of).

We will not disclose your PII to third parties who do not have a need-to-know, and if we disclose, it will always be pursuant to a confidentiality agreement and only for a valid business purpose that benefits our users.

We will use your information and PII for the following purposes:

  1. To personalize your experience and to allow us to deliver the type of content and product offerings in which you are most interested.
  2. To improve our website in order to better serve you.
  3. To allow us to better serve you in responding to customer service requests.
  4. To process transactions.
  5. To ask for ratings and reviews of services or products
  6. To follow up with you during or after correspondence (live chat, email or phone inquiries)

Advertising Networks

We may include advertisements on web pages that you visit. These advertisements may track you and could be used to de-anonymize you when combined with other information about your browsing habits that the advertising networks may possess. Advertising networks have their own privacy policies. Please write to us in order to obtain further information about advertising on our site.

Secure Connection

To better protect your privacy, we make use of “HTTPS”. Your connections to our servers are encrypted by default.


Our services make use of cookies to track you. We use cookies to track anonymous users and to provide our user login system (e.g. automatically logging you in when you come back to our site). If you disable cookies then some or all of our services’ functionality will not be available to you.

Questions and Comments about Our Privacy Practices

If you have any questions or comments about this privacy policy or how we handle PII you may contact us either by mail or email.


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