8 Tips to Help You Get Over a Breakup

Validate Your Feelings 

Breakups, no matter what the reasoning for them, can be tough as you’re basically letting go of someone that was a big part of your life. It’s essential to take time to feel, adjust and process the situation, because repressing your emotions can actually do more harm than good. It’s perfectly normal to get your feelings out in the open and it’s a crucial step in the healing process.

Talk it out with friends & family

After giving yourself space and time to adjust to the event, reach out to your  friends and/or family to discuss the situation and how you’re feeling. Even though they cannot necessarily do anything about the breakup, you’ll feel much better after having someone that’s able to be there and listen to you.

Keep a journal 

Along with verbal communication, writing down your thoughts and emotions can help you look back on your journey through the breakup and see your emotional progress. Through the first few post-breakup stages, tracking your daily emotions can also help release some of that build-up tension and repressed thoughts from the event

Make extra time for yourself

With the new free time on your hands, you have time to explore new hobbies, or even old ones that you may have forgotten about. Learn to spend more time with yourself and try to even treat yourself with something special! So go ahead and buy that new pair of shoes you’ve had your eyes on or sign up for that cooking class you’ve always wanted to try!

Plan outings 

Making plans with friends, family or coworkers can help keep your mind busy and off the breakup. Surrounding yourself with people that make you happy will truly allow you to gain a boost of self-esteem and make you feel amazing about yourself.

Take note

Whenever you are ready, take time to look back at your past relationship and learn from it. Express to yourself what you liked and what you didn’t like from that relationship—especially what drove to that breaking point. Now that you’ve better understood the characteristics that you seek vs don’t seek in a partner, keep this in mind when you are ready for your next relationship. 

Don't take it as a loss, take it as gain

As painful as it is, learn to change your mindset about the breakup! Understanding that the breakup pushes you to grow on a personal level, can thus allow you to find what truly makes you happy. Even if you may not feel it right now, a breakup can result in you becoming a better and stronger version of yourself, so don’t look at it as a complete loss. 

Get back out there

There’s no rush in getting back out there and dating again. However, you’ll know when the time is right when you’re no longer caught up on your last relationship—meaning that you’re no longer checking up on what your past partner is up to and you’re no longer reminiscing about memories together. Once you’ve hit the stage of feeling indifferent towards them —which is different from loathe— and you’re truly happy being single, you’ll know that it is time to move forward.