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In-kind Training Grant Overview

Certified Listeners Society — a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bettering the well-being of employees across Canada and the USA following times of crisis – is offering in-kind training grants up to $17,500 to small businesses, charities, not-for-profits, educational, and government organizations up to 500 employees.

This grant will be used to cover the cost of our Employee Resilience Training Program valued at $35.00 per user.

If your organization has experience decreased productivity due to the pandemic, you may be eligible to receive this grant and grow your productivity while at the same time, supporting improvements in your employee’s resilience.

Grant Eligibility

1- Organization size up to 500 Employees.

2- Organization’s workforce has reduced productivity or decrease moral due to the pandemic.

3- Organization submits a 10 minutes application form.

Do you have any questions? To book an appointment with a wellness executive, please follow this link.

Application Process

1-  Apply for the In-kind Training Grant by following the button below.

2-  Submit a 10 minute application form.

3-  Wait for an email or a call from our Training Grant Manager to confirm the information in your application.

4-  You will receive an email communication within a week with our decision.

5-  If the decision is positive,  you will receive an invoice for the total value of the grant, and instructions on how your organization will get access to the password-protected  Employee Resilience Training Program Portal.

Do you have any questions? To book and appointment with a wellness executive, please follow this link.

Our Employment Resilience Training Program

To find out more about the Employment Resilience Training Program, flow the links below.

Watch a lesson from our Employment Resilience Training Program. 

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