Police Record Check

Note: We now accept Level 2 Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Checks.

In order to provide Emotional Support as a Chat/Video Responder at Certified Listeners Society, you will be required to obtain a Level 2 Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check from your local police service.

To learn more about police record checks, visit the Ministry of Solicitor General’s website by clicking here.

NOTE 1: Any disclosure of vulnerable sector involvement or criminal record on the police check will not necessarily prevent a volunteer from a role at Certified Listeners Society. Decisions will be made on an individual basis, in compliance with the Ontario Human Rights Code. All information collected will remain confidential and all records will be destroyed once verified.

NOTE 2: Each Police Service charges its own fees for Police Record Checks; you will be responsible for these fees. We have no control over their fees.

NOTE 3: Although we require at minimum a Level 2 police check, we will also accept any valid Level 3 Vulnerable Sector Check.

Please select the Municipality/Region you reside in from the list below. If you cannot find your local police service on the list below, please check their website directly.


Durham: click HERE

Halton: click HERE

OPP: click HERE

Ottawa: click HERE

Peel: click HERE

Toronto: click HERE

York Region click HERE

To get the Police Check Request Letter, follow the instructions within the CL100 training.

The Request Letter will be sent to your registered email address once you 'Finish' the 'Police Background Check' Quiz.

While the Certified Listeners Society makes every effort to provide accurate information, we are not qualified to give legal advice. For complete and up-to-date information regarding police records checks, contact your local police service or visit the Ministry of Solicitor General’s website by clicking here. For legal advice, please consult a lawyer.