How can I support a loved one who is very anxious about the COVID-19 pandemic?

Everyone responds differently to the effects of a pandemic. If you have a family member or friend who is worried or scared, try to listen to and empathize with them. Some people may want to vent their fears or anger at the situation, while others may want to problem solve. 

With the person’s permission, share the facts in a simple and straightforward way and ask how you can help. Stick to the facts and offer them resources if they are open to it (see “Coping with stress and anxiety”). Check in with the person from time to time to make sure their stress levels and mental state are not getting worse. Always keep the lines of communication open.

At the same time, ensure you take care of yourself, and limit the amount of time you devote to supporting others. It is okay to say that you also need a break from fear and anxiety. Sometimes the support may be mutual, in which case it is important to respect each other’s ability to help.

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