Upload Your Documents

Do NOT email screening documents, please.

This page explains step by step, how to submit all documents required to be accepted as a Certified Listener Volunteer. Please read carefully.

  • You can not be approved until you finish the training course.
  • At the same time, please do not wait until you finish the training to then submit the documents until then.
  • The sooner you submit your documents, the more time you give us to process your application.
  • Follow the instructions below and submit your documents as soon as possible and continue with your training.
  • If you have 2 pieces of ID, 2 references, can sign the NDA, can provide a vulnerable sector police check (sworn affidavit during COVID-19), and pass our training. The likelihood to be accepted into our volunteer program is very high.

Step 1- Color scan 2 pieces of photo ID (Good quality pictures are acceptable as well). PLEASE NOTE: OHIP is not acceptable as Photo ID. When ready, save each file individually under the file names ID-1 and ID-2.

Step 2- Provide 2 volunteer, work, or school-related references. You can download the reference form HERE. You can send the form by email to your reference and have them send it back to you as an attachment. When ready, scan (good quality pictures are acceptable as well) or upload their email attachment, and save each file individually under the file names Reference-1 and Reference-2.

Step 3- Download the Non-Disclosure Agreement HERE. When ready, sign it, scan (good quality pictures are acceptable as well) and save under the filename NDA. If you do not have a printer and/or scener, electronic signatures are acceptable.

Step 4- Once you have all 5 files ready, browse, and upload each file individually under Assignments (below).

Step 5- Once all 5 files have been uploaded, Alow our volunteer department 48 to 72 hours to verify and validate your documents. You will hear back from us once your documents have been approved. In the meantime, enjoy your training.

PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, WE ARE NOT ASKING YOU TO PROVIDE A VULNERABLE SECTOR POLICE RECORD CHECK AT THIS TIME. For the time being, we have replaced it with a sworn affidavit. Please download the Sworn Affidavit HERE and submit it at the end of Lesson 20.

Please do not send any documents by email