Much Appreciated!

We need your support to build a better future and improve training.

Congratulations in taking the first step in developing new skills that can help both yourself and your community. We want you to become the best version of yourself!

We really appreciated it that you have decided to donate your time to our organization by being a volunteer. However, we need your help to be able to operate and develop better training for new volunteers. We are self-funded and need to cover the cost of screening, administration, customer support, supervision and training.

Our cost to train and onboard a new volunteer is $90.00. We pay this cost because we believe that what we do for you and our clients, its worth every penny.

You are under no obligation to do it however; Would it be too much to ask if you can help us with a donation to cover all or part of your training and on-boarding cost? You can select from the suggested amounts or select your own.

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Any amount is welcomed!

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