19-Thank you! (2 min)

Congratulations on your achievement!

You have completed the Resilience Listener training course and have gained valuable skills and insight into the mindset required to helping yourself and provide others the emotional support they need.  

Your gift now allows us to continue to provide this training to other volunteers. Without generous donors like you, we couldn’t fund our programs and all the work we do.

After over one year in operations and negotiating with our suppliers, our cost to train and onboard volunteers for our Emotional Suppor Chatroom is only $45.00. You are under no obligation to do it, however; Could you help us with a donation to cover all or part of the training and onboarding cost for our volunteersprogram? You can select from the suggested amounts or select your own.

Training Cost Breakdown

Thank you for your support, congratulations on your achievement and again, welcome to CLS!

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