If you are a young adult or a youth or know one who is struggling. We are here to provide Emotional Support in the following areas: Career Planning, Dating, Family Conflict, Graduation, Healthy Relationships, LGBTQ+, Mental Health, Opportunities for Young Adults and Youth, Sexuality, Sports, Arts & Leisure, and Youth at Risk.

How to identify and have healthy relationships for youth and young adults?

In order for youth to establish healthy relationships, they must first be given the knowledge of what that looks like.  In many cases youth act almost entirely on instinct.  For example, many youths confuse physical attraction and infatuation with love.  Because many youths do not have an understanding of what characteristics make up a healthy relationship, they often end up being used and, in some cases, abused.  If this violence happens early enough in their life it can emotionally scar a person.

The Red Cross has come up with a program to help teach youth how to identify healthy relationships.  This 5-module course can be purchased by teachers and taught in the classroom.  The five modules are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship
  3. Communication and Conflict Resolution
  4. Unhealthy Relationships and Dating Violence
  5. Taking a Stand and Making Change

The link below will take you to the Red Cross website and outline in detail how to take the course, the benefits of the course, and how to implement the course material in your life.