Family life is very gratifying, however, at times, it is also difficult. If you re struggling with family life, we can provide Emotional Support for: Abandonment & Reconciliation, Blended Families, Bullying, Caregiver Support, Death & Grief, Family Conflict, Gender Identity, Holidays, Racial Identity, Religion & Spirituality, Serious Illness, and Strengthening Families.

Memories of family traditions

Traditions are the memories you make as a family year after year. Everyone’s family has different traditions and different ways to celebrate them. As an adult, you cherish these memories and pass them on from generation to generation. Traditions create positive family connections between parents, children, and siblings. For children, this brings a sense of comfort and long-lasting memories. “The traditions and habits you create for your family will establish and reinforce your key values and interpersonal relationships.”

Making Memories

  • Dinner talk
  • First day of school traditions
  • Birthday festivities
  • Holiday traditions
  • A letter to your children each year
  • Annual adventure or trip
  • Family walks
  • Bedtime routine

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