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Exam Stress: A Guide To Managing Test Anxiety

When you hear the word exam, what are your first thoughts/reactions?  Do you get anxious at the mention of the word?  Does this anxiety become crippling and make it difficult to study? Have you ever thought ‘this is how everyone feels’? Where everyone feels stressed & anxious around exams there are healthy and unhealthy responses to this stress.

Wouldn’t some guidance on how to minimize, manage, cope with stress be useful?

Good news, Test Anxiety is the guide you have been looking for. Put together by Mark Gilbert (Rutland Senior Secondary School), and Karen Gilbert (George Elliot Secondary School) with resources from DR. Lynn Miller, Ph. D., R. Psych. Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia Test Anxiety is well researched and extremely insightful/practical.

Guide Contents:

Part 1: Identifying Test Anxiety page 3

Part 2: Think About Thinking

Part 3: Coping with Test Anxiety page 6

Part 4: Tips for Test Success p 12

Part 5: How to Study

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