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Children's Mental Health

All parents want nothing but happiness for their children. Most children and teenagers go through a very rough time as they are growing up. Growing up and maturing can be scary and can cause serious mental health problems. In the 2017 UNICEF report card, it was reported that the suicide rate among Canadian teenagers is higher than the world average. This is a disheartening statistic. A lot of these children and teenagers are unsure where to go to talk about their struggle with their mental health problems. As parents, there are a lot of myths out there about mental health that need to be debunked. The top 8 of those are:

  1. Mental health treatment is a sign of weakness. My kids will get over it.
  2. If my child has mental health issues, it’s my fault.
  3. ADHD is just an excuse for bad behaviour and inadequate parenting.
  4. Mental illness will prevent my child from reaching their full potential
  5. It’s just a phase. My child will grow out of it.
  6. Kids these days are too soft.
  7. Cutting is just a sign my kid is trying to be tough.
  8. People this young don’t kill themselves

You can read more details on this Huffington Post article here.