Older Adults Volunteer Program

Across Canada, older adults are living alone. Many do not have family or friends they can see regularly due to illness, physical limitations, or COVID-19. Many do not have the stamina needed for extended text chats.

Certified Listeners is stepping up to provide a video chat service for older adults struggling to connect, reaching out from their isolation, hoping to find someone reaching out to them.

They might have a problem. They might be lonely. They may need to vent. They might just need to talk. But they all need someone who will listen.

If you are an experienced Certified Listener Volunteer looking for a new challenge, a new way to grow your skills, or who has ever wished they could just talk to the person at the other end of the chat our Older Adults Video Chat Program might be for you.

What you need:
­ • at least 10 approved Emotional Support Chat Responder Shifts; 40 hours
­ • to complete the Older Adults online and practical training

What you get:
• 3 hours added to your Clockify account for training
• a second Certificate of Completion for the Older Adult training
• a rewarding opportunity to help an older adult in need

What is different:
• provide support using text, voice, and video
• use your real name on calls
• engage with registered users who also use their real name

Apply now; fill out the form below.

Questions? Contact Dan Jacobson, Video Chat Team Supervisor, at vchat@certifiedlisteners.org.