Phone Call Lifetime-Membership

Use your telephone line and connect for FREE with one of our Certified Listener Volunteers in our Chat-Room for Older-Adults.

Name-Your-Own-Donation Policy lets you donate what you want. Otherwise, use promo code FREE-CLS at checkout, to register and get the membership for free. (Scroll down to read the full description)

Suggested donation: $45.00

Minimum donation: $25.00


  • Unlimited phone calls with dedicated volunteers trained to support care homes and seniors.
  • Call our 1-800 number and connect for FREE with one of our Certified Listener Volunteers.
  • Certified Listener Volunteers have been trained in Active Listening and are supervised by mental health professionals.
  • Certified Listener Volunteers have additional training to manage Emotional Support for Older Adults. 

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited calls in our emotional support chatroom for older-adults.
  • Elite Certified Listener volunteers trained in emotional support for older adults.
  • Supervised chats by mental health professionals.
  • Easy-to-use, one-touch-launch customized software.
  • 24/7 customer support chat service inside the website.

Donation Transparency

Certified Listener Society Full Membership – Name Your Own Donation Policy: minimum $25, suggested $45, maximum $90. Free by using promo code FREE-CLS at check out.

  • $20 goes to cover the cost of 4 FREE chats in our general Emotional Support chatroom (we service over 15,000 free chats per month).
  • $20 goes to cover the cost of software licenses.
  • $5 goes to cover our overhead.

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