Help your workforce be resilient after isolation!

After more than a year of shutdowns, lockdowns, remote work, layoffs, returns, and reversals, employees are languishing; struggling to find meaning and motivation, many in financial distress, and many more experiencing difficulties at home. Social isolation is coupled with added burdens like childcare, elder care, homeschooling, and loss. Loss of loved ones and friends, loss of community, loss of connections, loss of identity, and loss of hope. Too many employees feel numb, burned-out, and alone.

Employers across the country are also struggling to recover from the impact of isolation, and a pressing need is finding ways to help their employees get back on track. More and more leaders are taking steps to help their employees feel stronger and find meaning in both their personal and professional lives. From executives to line workers, it’s time to refocus and find renewed purpose in our lives.

Certified Listeners’ Employee Resilience Training Program can help your employees get back on their feet. We teach individuals to be self-aware, to become active listeners, and to identify mental health concerns that might need to be addressed by a professional.

From Isolation to Self-Esteem and everything in between, our training course can help your employees gain new insights into their work and personal lives. By the end of the course, your employees will be more resilient and better equipped to handle the pressures of today’s realities. Productivity will increase and empathy and understanding in the workplace will improve. Your employees and stakeholders will thank you.

Certified Listeners Society is a Canadian not-for-profit organization built by a community of people dedicated to providing early-stage emotional support to anyone who needs it. We have helped more than 4,500 individuals become Certified Listeners and provided emotional support to over 25,000 people every month. We are not a mental health website. We help people live better, happier, healthier lives.

Apply for a Small Business Grant today. For a limited time only, Certified Listeners Society is granting up to $15,000 to businesses, charities, not-for-profits, educational and government organizations between 50 to 500 employees.

This grant will be used to cover the cost for our Employee Resilience Training Program.

If your business has experienced decreased productivity due to the pandemic, you may be eligible to receive this grant and grow your productivity while at the same time, supporting improvements in your employee’s resilience.

A 10% Administration fee may apply once the grant is awarded and before your employees start the training program. Under special circumstances, the administration and set-up fee may be waived or reduced based on specific needs.

Certified Listeners Society is committed to following all Canadian privacy laws to protect employees and employers.