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Equip your employees with critical tools and resources to reduce stress,
build resiliency and curb anxiety to navigate the uncertainty ahead.

Getting your team back on track

Employees are stressed out more than ever due to the pandemic. Languishing at work, in varying degrees of financial distress, many are experiencing difficult times at home. Mental isolation and burnout are on the rise.

Resilience training helps corporations enhance engagement by showing people how to recognize their negative bias, identify mental health issues and get back on track and work as a team.

Resilience training easier than ever!

Certified Listener’s Employee Resilience Training Program solves the biggest corporate challenges, like employee wellness, isolation, stress, and burnout, and teaches how to navigate during challenging times.

The program addresses current employees’ problems and helps them integrate solutions into the workplace, resulting in a thriving workplace environment.

24/7 Customer Support
Over 4,500 Trained Certified Listeners
More than 18,000 Emotional Support Chats per Month

Increased Productivity
Increased Self Awareness and Team Engagement
Reduced Stress Levels and Burnout

 Commitment Free Grants. up to $15,000
Our Commitment to Help Your Employees Live Better, Happier, and Healthier Lives

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